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It was very difficult for Indian courts to apply the English law that suited to Indian conditions in the muffassiles the disputes related to the law of property used to be decided on the principal of justice, equity and good conscience because there were no rules provided in any status. The IIIrd Law commission prepared and draft bill on the law of the property in the year 1870.the draft bill was revised by the IVth law commission and it was enacted as transfer of property ant, 1882.


Property in its wider sense constitutes all proprietary rights belonging to a person and does not include personal right. Proprietory right is defined as a right which constitute the assets or estate of the individual and which has economic values. In this sense it includes both corporeal property (e.g. right to land, right to building, etc.) and incorporeal property which includes rights inter alien as such as easement right, rights of mortgagee and lessee.

We Leges Juris Associates deals in the areas of law under this act and related to the matter are as under:

  • suit related to restraining alienation of the property
  • suit related to restraining enjoyment from the property
  • suit against pre pertuity
  • suit related to priority of rights in the property
  • suit related to improvements made by bonafide holder under the defective titled
  • suit related to fraudulent transfer of property
  • suit related to immovable property
  • suit related to law of mortgages
  • suit related to lease of immovable property
  • suit related to the law of easements
  • cases related to division of properties/ partition suits
  • suit related to will and probate