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Commercial and Business Litigation:

Commercial Business Litigation Meaning:
As per the Law ," One Company takes legal action against another."

Commercial Litigation is a general terms that applies to any types of litigation or controversy related to business issues like:-

  • Disputes Can be settle between the companies through the Arbitrator if any clauses insert into the agreement.
  • If any breach of Contract.
  • Business Bill non payment disputes.
  • Letter of Credit issues.
  • Business or commercial money recovery suit.
  • Employee & Employer disputes.
  • Industrial disputes.
  • Fraud and deceptive trade Practices.
  • Securities Law Violation.
  • Agreement Limiting competition.
  • Agreement / Contract Violation disputes.

Traders breach of Contract Violation.

  • Damages Suit due to quality or non performance or due to loss.
  • and all the issues related to one company to another.

Contract and Agreement Litigation:

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