Law firm advises clients in every kind of litigation. Law firm has advocate & Attorney on its panel who are highly experienced, well recognised in India to handle your litigation.
Corporate Law
Our Corporate Law firm is a team of expert lawyers who offer effective services to our clients by combining broad knowledge of corporate law matters with experience in key sub disciplines
Family and Divorce Matters
Law firm offer comprehensive family law services including marriage registration, divorce, custody, child adoption and placement, other actions affecting the family, adoption, and termination of parental rights.

About Leges Juris Associates

Leges Juris Associates Law offices is located in the capital City of India at Delhi. It has been successfully established for Criminal Law, Civil Law, Property Law, Arbitration Law, Commercial Contract litigation, Family Law, Divorce Law and for Company Law. Out of it’s our office at Delhi we have alliances/associated with other local counsels at 20 additional locations within India.

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Rules of Bar Council of India does not permit law firms or Lawyers to develop a regular website. This is only a resource center aimed at providing information regarding Indian Laws & Procedure. This site not intended for advertisement or soliciting. This site contains only general information about the activities of India and contents mentioned in the website is just like the general awareness for the peoples who wants to know about the laws and procedure in India.

Law Firm's Approach

Law firm’s attorney work hard to get you the best possible results. Depending on the dynamics of the case, including the personalities and emotional status of the parties and their attorneys, there are three basic procedural approaches to resolving family law matters: mediation, litigation and collaboration. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Often, Law firm’s attorney is negotiating or mediating even while we are litigating the matter.


Law firm provide sensible advice and effective representation to our clients, based on our great experience in international matrimonial and business matters, together with plain common sense. Law firm offer an extremely personalized service, quickly and efficiently. Law firm get the job done for its clients so that they can get on with their lives.


Law firm consults with clients who are moving to a new stage of their lives. Many have assets in multiple jurisdictions, more than one residency, business affairs in different locations and great concerns about the residency, custody and well being of their children.

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